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What is ezORG?
Free, fast, and simple to use, ezORG is an online tool that gives you more time to enjoy your offline activities. From intuitive registration to easy scheduling to convenient communications, ezORG makes managing your group a breeze.

Who uses ezORG?
ezORG is perfect for organizing youth teams, regular card games, book clubs, playgroups, school committees, collector clubs, adult sports and more. In fact, just about any group that gets together on a regular basis.

What will ezORG do for me?
Our scheduling, reminder, calendar, and communications tools will save you time, reduce your costs, and boost participation.

Is ezORG easy to use?
Our name says it all. ezORG is really simple for both the organizer and group participants. Screens are intuitive and keystrokes and mouse clicks are minimal. Our mission: eliminate the grind so you can focus on the fun.

What makes ezORG different from other sites?
ezORG is for people who want to get together and do it with as little effort as possible. It is designed to help leaders better manage groups while at the same time provide a valuable service to all group participants. Our tools automatically "push" essential information to members as well provide a centralized place for facts and information.

How do I get started?
That's easy.Click here to select your ID and password and you're on your way. You'll be managing your group and inviting members in minutes.


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